Wild Jasmine Hydrating Face Serum

Wild Jasmine Hydrating Face Serum

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The science is always progressing. Sometimes it shows us the old ways were a little misguided. Often though, it proves the wisdom handed down for centuries was bang on. 

Our Wild Jasmine Hydrating Face Serum is the perfect combination of ancient wisdom and science, pairing the deep moisturizing and aromatherapeutic powers of jasmine essential oil with the restorative, healing properties of frankincense. Based in a fast-absorbing blend of golden jojoba and sweet almond oil, your skin will feel satiny soft all without the addition of nasty chemical concoctions found in most skincare.

Smooth onto face and neck immediately after cleansing. Use morning and night for glowing skin that begs to be touched. 

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INGREDIENTS: sweet almond oil, golden jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, jasmine essential oil, frankincense essential oil. 


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