Natural skin, hair and body care for the dudeliest Dudes that won't leave you smelling like a patrouli-growing commune.

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Dirt & Whiskey Shave Soap

Product no.: UR000005

C$15.00 *

Charcoal Face Bar

Product no.: UR000012

starting at C$7.00 *
In stock

Charcoal Mint Soap-on-a-Rope

Product no.: UR000009

C$10.00 *
In stock

Tea Tree Natural Deodorant

Product no.: UR000033

C$4.50 *
Old price C$7.00

White Fir & Mint Hard Shampoo

Product no.: UR000013

C$8.00 *
Old price C$10.00
In stock

Hard Bar Soaps

Product no.: UR000034

C$3.00 *
Old price C$4.00
In stock

Exfoliating Face Cloth

Product no.: UR0000040

C$12.00 *
In stock

New Olive & Oat Soothing Bar

Product no.: UR000038

C$10.00 *
In stock

Super Grit Heavy Duty Scrub

Product no.: UR000040

C$15.00 *
In stock

Dirty Dude Gift Set

Product no.: UR000043

C$38.00 *
In stock
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